Friday, January 14, 2005

Watcher of Weasels Weekly Picks

New Watcher of Weasels Council member, Joe Gandelman, got the council's nod for best post of the week for his post: CBS' Memogate Report Comes Out But It Won't Stem The Controversy

Joe is not only new to the council, I've noticed that he's new to the blogrolls of a couple of my regular reads. No idea if you found him through me or not, but outside the conservative side of the blogosphere I consider Joes' site, The Moderate Voice, my favorite blog (and no, I'm not telling how I rank blogs within the conservative side of the blogosphere). Good things happening to a good blogger here.

The non-council selection was Varifrank's excellent post: Today I Was Unprofessional.

I have another self-centered reason for plugging this post, in that it was the first non-local blog-post this fantastically talented and lovely new blogger ever linked to. Shows good taste, eh?


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