Saturday, January 08, 2005

Update From The Front of the Media Revolution

Once again, The Moderate Voice proves indespensible in alerting me to the blog/media revolution, noting another development at the Greensboro News-Record.

"The newspaper/blogging revolution -- where a newspaper is co-opting blogging to bring its online news into the 21st Century -- is poised to happen in a big way in Greensboro, North Carolina.
Once again, the updated news comes to us from Jay Rosen's PressThink, which has covered in great detail the blogging culture's unwitting incursion into a major North Carolina newspaper...even as the mainstream media has largely ignored this story. The irony is: if all goes well (and chances are it will) the mainstream media will likely be following -- and cloning -- the Greensboro model as newspapers increasingly move through the 21st Century."

A former newspaperman himself, make sure to check out Joe Gandelman's insight on the matter. Follow Joe's links for some really detailed information about what is going on in Greensboro.


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