Thursday, January 20, 2005

Today's Health Update

Sorry about the sparse posting lately. Despite what you might have read in the papers, having a house full of the flu isn't really all that amusing. It also doesn't lend itself to great flights of bloggy inspiration.

We're hoping to have our health improve by this weekend so we can make the MOBsters ball. But things are looking rather iffy at the moment. Can't leave sick kids with a babysitter, and don't care to play Typhoid Mary at Keegan's.

On the upside, as of Tuesday afternoon when I was in the doctor's office, I had lost 8 pounds. Screw your diet and exercise. Catch the right virus and you're well on your way to a waistline you haven't known in years.

Now pardon me as I curl back into a fetal position and resume pathetic moaning.


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