Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Surfing the Blogroll

It’s been a while, so it’s time for some mass plugging some of the highlights I found today in my blogroll.

I have previously discriminated against the lower half of the blogroll, because I always start these things at the top. Well this time I’m not going to do that, I'm starting at the bottom (waits for shocked gasps and murmuring to subside). And then I'm not going in order, I'm going to randomly jump around!!

(Raising voice to be heard over the outraged commotion)

Well they didn’t think Amelia Earhart could fly solo from Honolulu to Oakland either!! (It’s the anniversary of that today, incidentally. Happened in 1935) They didn’t think snow would ever fall in Los Angeles!! (First snow recorded in L. A. on this date in 1949) And they, sure as heck didn’t think Lamar Clark would set a boxing record by knocking out 44 opponents in a row!! (which he did, on this date in 1960… This is a pretty neat little site by the way. I’ll stop annoying you with it now.)

Varifrank has Eight Notes for Hugh Hewitt regarding the CBS Thornburg/Boccardi report. As usual, they’re all worth reading. My favorite is this:

3. CBS news is toast. They would be better off selling the airtime back to the affiliates or to Ron Popeil. With it will go soon ABC and NBC Nightly News. They simply do not make enough money to justify their grotesque cost. When they do finally go away, not one of them will understand that when they started to sell opinion as actual news, that they lost all credibility in the eyes and ears of the viewers and they began to look elsewhere. What has totally surprised CBS is not that they went looking, but that they’ve found it. They've found it in the blogosphere.
His review of the new Michael Crichton book below that is worth checking out too.

At The Moderate Voice, Joe Gandelman is writing about nudity, porn, and olive oil. I am not making this up. Follow the links.

Jay Reding, blogger without a home, has a great post on the debate about troop levels, offering an argument with which I enthusiastically agree. He also notes the odd occurrence of Kevin Drum defending Donald Rumsfeld against charges from the Weekly Standard.

At Jo's Attic, Jo found a lefty-blogger who thinks there is a Republican conspiracy to discredit the Star Tribune. I suppose explaining this guy as an agent provacateur makes more sense than believing a professional can really be this ridiculous, but I'm afraid the evidence is against it.

Swiftee at Pair O' Dice gives warning about Education Commisioner Alice Seagren's plan to merge two different 8th grade assessment tests. Also scroll down and check out that mil-blog he plugs. It is WAY cool.

Margaret at Our House has a great piece: Catholics and Bloggers. In it she ponders:

The [Saint Paul] Archbishop is keen on revitalizing the parishes and getting young people in the 20-40 age bracket more involved in the church before they are syphoned off by other churches, spirituality movements or no churches at all. It would be interesting to know to what extent the lack of congruence between political views and religious views is an obstacle for people's faith in this age group.

Go read.

Brainstorming's DC writes something that no NOW-type feminist should read for fear of exploding. Really. If you're a NOW-gal don't look. Not even a peek.

Minnesota Democrats Exposed reports the formal entry of a Democratic candidate for Saint Paul Mayor into the race. Blogger might remember his brother, the self-described non-partisan journalist across town.

These are never comprehensive lists incidentally. No offense or slight intended if I missed you. If you wrote a cool post today you want me to plug here, drop me a line.

That's it for now. Thanks for being fun and interesting guys.


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