Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Smoking Bans Considered

Craig Westover is too damn good to have just one blog. I can't figure out which freakin' post of his to link to today.

The theme is Minnesota's impending smoking ban. And d*mn if he doesn't have a post or three better than anything you'll read in the MSM on the topic. Heck, he even tosses in his own MSM column for good measure.

Speaking as a non-smoker (well, I smoke an occasional cigar, but those are already banned almost everywhere), I have to say this debate floors me. Has America come to the point where a majority can ban any behavior it disapproves in a minority? Can we finally legislate that hip-hoppers pull their pants up? Or that "womens studies" majors shave their legs?

No we can't. This is not an example of any clear principle enacted in law. It's pure legislative bullying. No one respectful of freedom should endorse it. Let me repeat that so the hate mail doesn't miss me: NO ONE RESPECTFUL OF FREEDOM SHOULD ENDORSE THIS SMOKING BAN.

And to those crypto-nazis who do think the force of government should be employed to ban smoking in private establishments, allow me to convey a message: please die. Seriously. This would relieve your pain as well as relieving the necessity of heaven and earth bending to your high-maintenance self-centered concept of other people's behavior. Much more efficient than banning smoking when you think about it.


Blogger Taoist Tongue said...

I think you are very correct. I live in Madison, Wi. and everyone here, and this is a very liberal city, believes this to be good... Granted, I am not very fond of the smoke, but it is a person's right to do what they want to their own bodies..obviously the bill of rights doesn't mean squat to legislators any longer...

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