Wednesday, January 05, 2005

RIP Will Eisner

Did you ever get a stupid little idea, and not be able to let go of it? Something that sort of became obsessive? Something like, oh... let's say... live-blogging a book?

What was supposed to be a nice relaxing read became rather manic. Oh, well. It was fun. If you hadn't decided whether or not to buy the book, I hope it gave you some info to make up your mind.Anyway...

I discovered via Lileks that Will Eisner has passed away. To be honest, I had no idea he was still alive.

In my geeky high school days, I became familiar with Mr. Eisner's work. He wrote more than just "The Spirit," comic strip in the 40's Lileks refers to. He also wrote some adult-themed (and I am not using "adult" as a euphemism for porn here - I mean mature) graphic novels. Somewhere around here I still have a copy of "A Contract With God: And Other Tenement Stories." Not exactly bubble-gum and soda-pop material. He also had a tremendous impact on the comic industry late in his life through the publication of "Comics and Sequential Art", and "Graphic Storytelling."

A tremendously talented man, in an all-to-often lowly regarded and thankless industry. He'll be missed.

UPDATE: The Moderate Voice has a nice post on this as well.


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