Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Random Blog Business

At Craig Westover's suggestion, I spent some time today tweaking the post I made about media evolution into something potentially publishable as a guest column for the Pioneer Press. The result (not quite finished yet) certainly seems more newspaperish. But to get there I had to throw away some really valuable things: namely, links to my references. The associated (and print-medium necessary) word number restriction does not allow me to give more than quick and inadequate explanations in place of the links, and the required additional verbiage forced me to toss out valuable content. This is definitely a backward step from a superior form of information delivery to an inferior one. I wonder how many newspaper publishers grasp than simple fact, no matter their opinion of bloggers themselves.

And for the record, I have nothing more than the slimmest of hopes that the Pioneer Press will actually publish it. But with Craig promising to champion it to the editors, I figure it's about the best shot I'll ever have. No matter what results, many thanks to Craig.

Along the way of rewriting I did a little more digging into some of the background matter and came across this truly superb series at Jay Rosen's Press Think. I had read a portion of one of the articles previously, but paid more attention to Joe Gandelman's post about it than the source. But I now have to say anyone interested in blogs and journalism MUST READ this series. It's a ten part series, current up to number seven. But don't miss any of them.

And speaking of MUST READ's, guess what arrived in the mail from Amazon today?

So I have uncorked a bottle of Chardonnay* and intend to sit in my big, comfy reading chair and dive in. Retooling the other piece can wait a bit. More later.

*(Red Bicyclette, 2003. One of the recent French attempts to market wine to Americans in the American rather than traditional way. The wine is decent but uninspiring. But the marketing is indeed quite clever.)


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