Monday, January 24, 2005

Monday Rousing

Funny thing about Monday following an extended bout of flu. It feels a little bit like returning from vacation, and a little bit like waking up from a coma. A good deal of my time is spent trying to remember what I had been working on, what my priorities are, who I'm supposed to talk to. Flu turns out to be an excellent alibi as I work through this though. This time of year, you mention you're getting over the flu and you not only get plenty of space, you also find people aren't all that concerned about whatever it was they came to see you about. "Hope you're feeling better, gotta run."

Other than a bit of a cough, I don't really have any symptoms remaining. But I'm happy to coast on a bit of sympathy while I catch up.

Another unexpected result of my current state is that I find most current events and political news unimportant. I'm not really even sure what all is going on in the world this morning, and don't feel terribly concerned about it either. I know Johnny Carson passed away yesterday (very nice write up about the man here). And to me, that was plenty of news all by itself.

Lileks wrote something this morning suggesting the Tonight Show was uncool to teenagers in his youth. That's probably true to a degree. But I never found it so personally. For some reason, I could sit next to mom or dad on the couch and watch the Tonight Show without worrying about whether or not it was "cool." And I did on plenty of occasions.

Johnny Carson was one of those icons I grew up with, but rarely thought about much. It wasn't until his retirement that I ever paid attention to his own talent. To me the Tonight Show was always about the guests. Johnny was just.... well, he was just Johnny. Same guy he always was. I very much took him for granted. How was I supposed to know he was one of the last remaining icons of a television era that was passing in front of my eyes?

These days television is so different. And so is the culture. The things Johnny Carson represented so well seem to have gone missing from the landscape entirely. I'm left wondering how much of these elements I ascribed to the prior culture were really just attributes of Carson himself.


Blogger Army of Mom said...

I always watched Johnny Carson and had a good chuckle as a kid. If it was on and there was something interesting, I'd watch. My favorite stuff involved Jack Hannah from the San Diego Zoo. I loved the animal things. Johnny was very quick-witted.

Loved the SNL sketches that made fun of Johnny and Ed McMahon. Those cracked me up.

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