Friday, January 07, 2005

A Lovely Day for a Fisking

Why go to all the trouble of Fisking some poor sap, when today you can put up your feet, light a cigar, and read some truly wonderful ones from bloggers who spared you the effort?

We begin with Drew from Darn floor taking apart Frank Rich, famous New York Times Arts Critic? (That can't be right. Let me check. .... Wow. George W. Bush is more than a president! He's an artist!)

Drew tries to make sense of Rich, and for the life of me I don't see how he has the energy. But in the end, Drew concludes:

Through all his combining of fact and fiction, it's the 9/11 nostalgia that really sticks out in Rich's column. It's as if he misses those heady days when we could point to a pile of rubble in lower Manhattan and say with authority "Yep. That was a terrorist act." That terrorists are killing Iraqi citizens almost daily -- targeting in particular those Iraqis who are trying desperately to build a democracy -- is simply not on his radar.

Next we come to the finally off his ass welcome return of Stephen Green, the Vodkapundit, who fisks Rich's fellow New York Times bloviating moonbat columnist, Paul Krugman.

Mr. Krugman apparently decides to adopt a rather thin metaphor of writing a "bad novel," as a vehicle to describe the utter fascism we live under in these days of Republican majority. Green is all too happy to assist Mr. Krugman with some additions. An example:

Krugman: Last but not least, in my bad novel the president, who portrays himself as the defender of good against evil, will preside over the widespread use of torture.

Green: The least? We can go lower than that, Paulie. How about we include a columnist who calls himself a moral man, yet prefers an Arab totalitarian dictator over free elections?

What? No Nick Coleman fisking? Sorry, but he had no column today. Those of you who missed Rambling Rhodes dissection of his last column might want to check it out though. A sample:

Coleman: The imposing statue of Col. William Colvill was still at its post above the rotunda of the Minnesota State Capitol Tuesday, standing guard at the opening of a new legislative session.

Rhodes: Where the hell else would it be? It's a freakin' statue. Unless Bart Simpson came along and sawed its head off, I'd pretty much expect it to be right where it was yesterday, intact and everything. Of course, this is just a hamfisted segue into a Nick Coleman history lesson, which you can be sure he learned following 30 minutes of Googling.

Coleman: But it's good that the hero of Gettysburg wasn't on hand in person to see how things in his adopted state are going. He might have walked out.

Rhodes: *rim shot* *crickets chirping* *uncomfortable cough somewhere from the back of the room*


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