Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Just How New Is Blogging?

One of the things I have contended on occasion is that, despite most of the recent coverage painting bloggers as "citizen jounalists", most blogs are not a natural extention of professional journalism. In most cases they're natural extensions of previous internet media, like Usenet and electronic bulletin boards.

Last night, via Hugh Hewitt's book Blog, I read about the Perseus Development Corporation's study: The Blogging Iceberg.

Some of the key observations surround the high blog abandonment rate, updating frequency, demographics of bloggers, etc. Very interesting stuff, which is no doubt why Hugh included most of it in his own book.

But want to compare it to something extremely similar? Muzzy from Blogizdat, who has not yet read Hugh's book or, presumably, the Perseus study writes:

"Over the past weekend I got thinking about some of my experiences in the blog and journaling world over the years. I recalled something I had written in my personal journal several years ago, after spending some time going through a large number of random entries in the Livejournal system."
Muzzy cleaned it up a bit, and added some additional recent observations, but he left his old observations intact. Go take a look, and compare Muzzy's years-old thoughts to the very recent Perseus study. I'm amazed how similar they are.


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