Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Jay Reding - Man Without a Home

Jay Reding is a more-or-less local blog (we'll get to that in a moment), that I have read since before I started this one. Insightful commentary. Well designed. Regularly updated. He has all the good bloggy basics down pat. Sets a fine example for us newer blogs.

One problem with the man though. I have no idea whether he lives in Minnesota or South Dakota.

When I first created my own "Minnesota blogs" category on my blogroll, I put him on it because of a comment from Mitch Berg (it's somewhere in here, if you need context) that Jay is from Mankato. (I tried to claim Sean Hackbarth's The American Mind for Minnesota as well, but Wisconsin wrestled him back.)

But later, I noticed the only geographically identified blog group he named was the "Dakota Alliance," and his web page then featured a picture of Mount Rushmore. Ah-ha! He must live in South Dakota.

Then the Fraters Libertas threw another wrench into the works when they listed their own "Minnesota Organization of Bloggers" list, and included Jay Reding. Back at Jay's blog, the picture of Rushmore is down and the Minnesota based Northern Alliance is now included as the second geographically identified blog group on his blogroll.

At this point I'm tossing up my hands. Jay doesn't publish an e-mail address where I can shoot him my annoying question, so I'm turning the question public. Where does Jay Reding live? Minnesota? South Dakota? In a well-travelled RV migrating between the two?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cheat by calling everyone in MN, WI, and the Dakotas "Locals." Since I'm originally from WI and my wife is from a town very close to ND, I think the stretching of the definition of "local" is at least partially justified.

And, er, no, I have no idea where he lives.

Helloooo, Chapter Two!

9:57 AM  

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