Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Hey Les, It Was A Joke!

The problem with writing anything satirical about Legacy media these days is that they might decide to one-up you with their real behavior. Case in point...

When I made my Predictions for 2005, I included this line:

" In an attempt to stay hip and relevant, NBC will name Comedy Central's "Daily Show" Host John Stewart as their new evening news anchor."
From Reuters today (hat-tip to Hugh):

"[CBS Chief Les Moonves] refused to comment on reports that he had spoken to Katie Couric, the popular co-host of NBC's "Today" show or that he was trying to enlist comedian Jon Stewart, who hosts a newscast parody on cable TV, as a commentator."
Alright, so the network is different and it's not exactly the anchor position. But negotiations are apparently still under wraps, so we can't know for sure. But just for the record, note to Les Moonves - It was a joke!


Blogger TFB said...

Clearly you have your finger on the pulse of the nation, or CBS.
Way too funny Doug. What are the freakin odds?

8:46 PM  

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