Wednesday, January 05, 2005

He's Right, I'm Wrong

Leave it to that ol' salt Captain Fishsticks to lay a lickin' on me. He has convinced me that my recent tirade against a certain local columnist was misguided. And I wasn't even his target.

From his post:

"They are fighting with Nick Coleman over comments made because of a magazine award. They are acting like -- well, you know, the guy in the bar who’s hanging on the edge of obnoxious that you just want to punch, but you can just tell he’s got his lawyer’s business card in his back pocket and he’s daring you to hit him?

Power Line -- don’t be that guy."

Well I'm not Powerline, or anything close. But I was certainly acting like "that guy."

No matter my opinion about who is right about what; it was probably not right to add fuel to this particular fire. I don't think I did anything explicitly wrong. This is about style, and the methods of engagement. Craig's method is right. Mine was wrong. I'll try to improve.


Blogger First Ringer said...

I don't think you're wrong in what you wrote since the stated purpose of your Nick Coleman article was explaining good 'ol Saint Nick to those fortunate enough not to read the Star Tribune. Was it harsh? Sure, but as you say in the post, Coleman embodies everything that people dislike about the media--and espeically left-wing media.

Power Line is obsessing with Coleman---by their own admission they've written about him six times (not counting the recent dust-up) in the previous month. But I think part of their "obsession" with Coleman is because they still don't think of themselves as a national blog. At heart, they're three guys just throwing their thoughts into cyberspace and two of them happen to live in Minnesota. If you or I opened up the paper tomorrow and saw a columnist defame us personally (and all of those who partake in our hobby), we'd be pretty POed about it. You do have to ask yourself, though, whose getting the better deal of this? An unheard of liberal columnists is getting embarassed daily by readers who, for the most part, have never read him before and won't read him now. And while he's being raked over the coals by people whose opinions he doesn't give two nickels about, he's instantly become a hero to the liberal elements of the blogosphere who dislike the Power Lines of the relm. It probably would have been better to leave Coleman ranting off in a corner instead of shining any reflected glory onto him, but what's done is done and since war's been declared we might as well join the battle and lob a grenade or two.

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