Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A Hazy Shade of Hewitt

So Hugh Hewitt apparently thinks the Simon and Garfunkle song "Bookends," comes from the Bridge Over Troubled Water album. Allow this fellow from a later generation who surely doesn't jive to Hugh's grooviness disagree.

I'm actually a huge Simon and Garfunkle fan. I own every album and know most of the lyrics by heart.

Paul Simon's solo work is nothing to sneeze at either, though he hasn't produced an album since Rhythm of the Saints worth your time (and yes, I'm including this). Rhythm of the Saints actually includes a song I consider a pro-life anthem: Born at the Right Time. I doubt Simon intended it to carry that meaning. But it does all the same.

And yes, Paul Simon is certainly a lefty. So what?

I truly hate the frequent conservative political meme that suggests conservatives should shun the work of lefty artists. Nonsense. I value good art, shun bad art, and mock bad politics independent of either one. Some of my favorite artists are also laughably self-important lefty poseuers. So I laugh at that part. Doesn't change my enjoyment of the stuff that's not political. This apparently makes me as rare as a unicorn in some circles.

UPDATE: It's actually the song "Old Friends," rather than "Bookends." The remainder of the post - including the album attribution - is unchanged from my previous post.


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