Saturday, January 08, 2005

Ends and Odds

This will be one of those no-particular-topic kind of posts. Kind of a stream-of conscious / I'm-too-lazy-to-decide-what-to-write-about kind of things. If that's your bag, pull up a chair. Otherwise... well why do you put up with me otherwise?


Have I mentioned before how much I like the Rat Pack? Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. anyway. Can't say I know much about Peter Lawrence or Joey Bishop.

Now I do NOT want to be one of those bloggers who feels it necessary to share with my readers what tune I'm listening to and my mood with each post. Example:

Song: "I've Never Been to Me" by Charlene
Mood: Must. Kill.

All the same, I do want to recommend this little Rat Pack thingy. Captures the guys performing live in 1962 on an audio DVD, as well as a video DVD containing a benefit special they did in 1965. Joey Bishop couldn't make it to MC that last one incidentally. So they tagged a young Johnny Carson for the role. And he's perfect. On the audio CD you get to hear Frank sing one of the coolest/meanest songs ever written from the perspective of anyone who has ever been dumped - Goody Goody, and hear Dean Martin own "I Left My Heart In San Francisco." Sammy comes alive as the freaky-good talent he was, especially on the DVD. And the constant and seemingly effortless fun those guys had onstage! It has all the little imperfections you'd expect in a live recording. But for some reason it also makes the bright spots pop more than studio recordings. You also get to hear a little slice-of-pop from an era that has passed. D*mn I wish I could have seen these guys in their prime at the Sands.


Took the kids to a birthday party today. It was a great concept. They went to a gymnastics center where they got personal attention from an instructor for tumbling, trampoline, and all sorts of related activity. Should have worn them out and made bedtime easy. We were even hoping for one or two to fall asleep during the car ride home. Unfortunately, our kids are more the "worked up" than the "tired out" kind. So bedtime was a freakin' battle royale. Mama Ellen won of course. But not without effort. I played a minor relief role. Mama generally sends me away after my face hits a certain shade of red. Didn't take long tonight.


The Warrior Monk from Spitbull (where the aytch-ee-double-hockeysticks has he been for the past half-century? [I'm rounding. -ed.]) seems to think James Wolcott is picking another fight with Lileks, and a dirty one at that. I dunno. Seems more like a good-natured attempt at levity to me. The butt of the joke here is Hugh Hewitt (and for the record, now that he mentions it, that name does sound a little hoot-owlish. My suggestion for a change: Max Power). And if the Gnat turns out looking like Ann Coulter, as Wolcott suggests, I don't know many on our side who would consider that a bad thing.


Have heard some thoughts about supporting our Aussie allies by buying their wine lately. Well like that's a sacrifice! But I do encourage the practice. But don't go all gaga over their whites just yet. Any wine or blend with "Shiraz" included would make a fine demonstration of your support though.


Blogger Melissa Andersen said...

Saw Minnesota and have to give you a shout! Originally from Brooklyn Park, but going to school in Mankato. Keep blogging!

10:43 PM  
Blogger Muzzy said...

I gotta say, when it comes to blogging and my ADD-addled brain, just about every day is a stream-of conscious / I'm-too-lazy-to-decide-what-to-write-about kind of day. Heh.

Also, your comment on Australian wine reminded me of something, and I posted it on Blogizdat.

11:03 PM  

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