Monday, January 31, 2005

Disaster Update

It's good to have friends to see you through traumatic times. Then again, smart*ss friends can be a mixed blessing, God love 'em. But thanks for the sentiment expressed, even if you couldn't restrain yourselves from taking a shot. I'm a blogger. I get that.

Anyway, I navigated the dark waters of Dell's "off-warranty" service today. I can't say I'm thrilled with the price, but the procedure is pretty slick. They'll send a fellow over with a box and a shipping label. I put the patient into the box and hand it back to the same fellow, and 7-10 days later I'll have a healthy computer back. They also don't need my battery or hard drive to perform their miracle cure; which is pretty cool, since I have incriminating evidence proving I am indeed a conservative Republican all over that hard drive. And Dell is HQ'd in the moonbat bastion of Austin, Texas. You send a meal back, and restaurant cooks are reputed to spit in your food. I don't want to imagine what moonbats would do to a conservative blogger's notebook computer.

Incidentally, thanks to those of you who recommended good sources for replacement computers. But as high as this repair bill is, it's less than a third of the replacement cost. This notebook was purchased primarily for my IT work, so it's a freakin' monster. It's fast, has mucho memory, and plenty of other bells and whistles besides. It's also my favorite computer I've ever owned. And since I can't really blame the manufacturer for the fact that I dumped a martini into it, I'm sticking with Dell.


Blogger Army of Mom said...

Just a side note ... moonbats aside, Austin is still pretty cool. As a poor soldier and newspaper reporter, we honeymooned in lovely Austin visiting the LBJ Library, state capitol and Sixth Street as part of our weekend honeymoon.

But, the moonbats are out in full force there.

2:34 PM  

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