Friday, January 07, 2005

Curmudgeon Is The New Black

My jaw dropped when I read Lileks this morning. Not because I was shocked at what he said as much as I was shocked that anyone other than me would say this:

"This is the sort of song that comes from a culture of adults. When adult sensibilities lose control of pop music? There was a time when the work of adults - real musicians, real arrangers, pros all around - fed the youth market"

Holy Rat-Pack Batman!

And then there was this...

But this stuff kicks - put it in a club, liquor up the audience, lay the lights low and let the band tear into this thing and you’ll blow out the doors."
Damn straight! Mama Ellen and I spent the two years before our first child scheming about how great it would be to build such a club. But we had both worked in actual restaurants (especially her), so we left it an unsullied fantasy, rather than a car-wreck reality. Great ideal though! With those deep Lileks pockets, maybe we'll get such a place here soon.


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