Saturday, January 29, 2005

Blogs Versus Traditional Media

So I'm piling on Jack Schafer, which pleases him to no end. C'est la vie.

Because he's wrong. Wrong in spectacular ways, mostly due to his mistaking any threat to his bread-and-butter as interchangable with any other similar threat.

Shafer can't seem to appreciate the fact that you have a web browser on your desktop right now. He can't seem to appreciate the fact that you only need to type different characters into that web browser to call up contradictory content.

He focuses instead upon the previous promises on the cheap production of media opinion without serious reflection upon what the cheap acquisition of receptive media implies.

So Jack Shafer is not a serious critic of modern media. But he gets attention, so we acknowledge him, if only to point out why his opinions aren't worth serious consideration.


Blogger Libertarian Girl said...

We've had free speech since 1776, the problem has been distribution. It's easy to say something, but hard to get anyone to listen.

Blogs provide a new channel for people with worthwhile things to say to get heard. And it really is a big revolution. Libertarian Girl.

10:21 AM  

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