Monday, January 17, 2005

Blogroll Changes

Trying something new with the blogroll. I finally left the ol' HTML behind and got me one of them thar' new blogrolling whatchamajiggers. Supposed to be the wave of the future.

Anyway, the blogroll is currently in a state I will dub "transition." I'm looking at it right now and thinking the old one was better. The old one was broken up into categories, and I'll be getting back to that shortly. But for now I'll leave it where it is to see how I like the javascript whosemejanger compared to my old reliable HTML blogroll.

Incidentally, I added a few more blogs to the blogroll in the process, and while I did I remembered something I meant to do. So I'll do it now.

Welcome to the blogosphere Macaroni Penguin (formerly known as Mrs. Noodles, of PRM fame). This two-blog household thing is becoming a trend. Glad to see you didn't let Noodles have all the fun to himself.


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