Monday, January 10, 2005

Big Blog Battering Continues

The Anchoress reports that Hosting Matters, host of some of the biggest and best blogs around, has confirmed they are undergoing massive Denial of Service attacks:

Okay, so my immediate suspicion and paranoia was well-founded. Hosting
confirms attacks. They'd no sooner gotten back on track then they
went down again. Glenn Reynolds backup site, Instabackup also confirms. Affected
are all the big guys - LGF, Powerline, Instapundit, Truth Laid
, Tim Blair, and even some
smaller guys like Varifrank. (Maybe it
would be a good thing if our big bloggers used different servers rather than all
of them being on one?)

The Anchoress calls upon smaller bloggers to pick up the slack and get blogging. Sorry to say, I won't be of much use toward that end today. Too much else going on. But I was a blogging-demon this past weekend, so you're welcome to scroll down to see if there's anything in there that catches your fancy.


Blogger LearnedFoot said...

Hmmm. A DOS attack on the blogs that exposed the bogus CBS memos on the same day the CBS report on said scandal is released. I may be out on limb here but...

1:39 PM  

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