Wednesday, December 15, 2004

You're Remaking What?!

Drew, at Darn Floor, points us to a newly released trailer for a movie I really don't want to see remade: Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Like Drew, I also believe that Johnnie Depp is a terrific actor. Moonbat weirdo in real life, but one of the few actors today who draws me to films just because he's in them.

I'm not all that big a Tim Burton fan though. He's hit or miss with me. Loved his "Nightmare Before Christmas". "Beetlejuice" was alright. Didn't care for his "Batman" much. His other films blend into the realm where I'd have to look them up before I remembered he'd made them.

Mind you, I get Tim Burton's style, and have no doubt why he wanted to remake this film. It's quirky, and offbeat, and slightly dark.

But let's set aside the book for a moment, and talk about the original movie, since that's what every movie goer targetted by this remake will remember. The element in that original movie that made it truly special was Gene Wilder. He brought a madness, silliness, and warmth to the Willie Wonka role that will never be repeated, no matter how many remakes are attempted.

And this is surely why Johhny Depp wanted the role. He's undoubtedly decided that he will take the role some other direction entirely. He lives for that kind of thing. He loves acting challenges.

But I don't really want that role taken another direction. I don't want something so wonderful cast into the era of film today - with endless sequels until the marketing finally wears out. And, God help us, a generation of children are about to be scarred by the McDonald's or Burger King license fills them with dozens of Willie Wonka action figures, and plastic cups, and card games - all in the image of Johnny Depp.

I'm not a big boycott guy. And I'm certainly not calling for one here. But when I want to show my kids Willie Wonka - because their Happy Meals have caught their interest - it's the Gene Wilder version they'll be seeing.


Blogger R-Five said...

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Any remake will surely fall flat
What do you think will come of that?
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Blogger Army of Mom said...

I always LOVED Willie Wonka and watched it every time I could find it on TV. I remember going to see it at the movies during the summer when they'd play kids' movies for 50 cents so our moms could drop us off and shop for a few hours. (can you imagine doing that TODAY with our kids? I shudder to think about it.) I love it and hate to see it remade, too. Tim Burton is going to make it look like some drug overload, I fear. And, I'm with you on Johnny Depp. I would love to string him up and stick him with a hot poker (freudian slip - I typed strip him, oops). I think he is an outstanding actor and a freaky naughty HOT dude, but I could totally live without his politics. I ignore an actor's politics when it comes to whether or not I want to see the movie. Wow, I wrote a novella!

5:56 PM  

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