Sunday, December 19, 2004

Winter Arrives

This morning reached the level we call "cold" in these parts. It's currently eight below zero. Farenheit of course. That translates to something like 74 euros on the metric system.

I never count wind-chill for cold incidentally. Wind chill doesn't make machinery stop working the way real air temperature can. Answer to wind chill - get out of the wind. Answer to real cold - move to Arizona.

It's actually not true that Minnesotans are terribly brave about the weather, despite what they say to people from milder climates. I'm a transplant to this state and one of the only people I know who doesn't whine about the cold from late September through mid-May. How people who live under an annual covering of ice and snow came to expect weather like they get in Scottsdale, Arizona is one of the big mysteries about Minnesotan culture I've never quite grasped.

Granted, this may be more of a Twin-City thing, than Minnesota at large. Around this time last year I spent some time working in Saint Cloud, and despite temps in the twenty to thirty below range, all they could talk about was how they hoped for more snow, because it wasn't deep enough for really good snowmobiling yet.

And, of course, the ice fishermen have been praying for a little frozen blast like this. We may have a brown Christmas this year, but by God we'll have the ability to sit around little holes in the ice, drinking and asserting our place at the top of our lakes' food chain. That has to count for something.


Blogger PolicyGuy said...

Aside from having to drive in the stuff (a major concern, I know), if you're going to have cold, you might as well have snow so you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, etc.

The relative lack of snow is one of those cruel ironies of fate for those living in the Twin Cities: there's cold, but not enough moisture for snow.

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