Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Wine Talk

The Wine: Bogle Vineyards, Sauvignon Blanc, 2003.

The Review: Eh.

But a glass of wine is needed, or else I'll turn to the stronger stuff waaaay too early in the evening. It was that kind of day. I'm not sure how many things my employer thinks I'm supposed to be able to juggle at once as a "favor" for them, but the current count is bumping against whatever that limit can be.

Incidentally, speaking of wine, I meant to plug Policyguy's (a. k. a. John R. La Plante's) article from last week: Wine Sellers and Protectionism.

The current situation is nonsensical. You want to be a dry state? Fine. You want to ban alcohol delivery through the mail to your citizens? Fine. But if you decide alcohol consumption is legal, and delivery is allowable through the mail, you cannot decide to throw up barriers to out of state competition. That is about as naked a form of protectionism as could be.

And damned inconvenient for us wine consumers incidentally. I once recieved a bottle of wine as a gift via Fed-Ex. Then I tried to order a different bottle of wine from another winery, and they wouldn't ship to Minnesota. There is so much confusion among wineries about which states allow such shipments and which do not, that you practically have to haggle on an individual basis.

Minnesota's alcohol laws are similarly bizarre. Minnesota allows you to purchase alcohol on Sundays - but only if you drive. Liquor stores are closed by law that day, so you have to go to a bar or restaurant. Can we say "unintended consequences"?

And I would love Minnesota to allow grocery stores to carry beer, wine, and liquor. This is the only state I've lived in where that was banned. We don't keep drugs confined to drug stores. The downside would be the hit certain local liquor merchants who only went into that line of business because of the current legal structure. Surdyk's would do just fine though.


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