Saturday, December 11, 2004

Westover V. Coleman

Nick Coleman, the self-important child of privilege who was Peter principled into the role of prominent columnist at the famously lefty biased Star Tribune, has decided to weigh in against the charming and intelligent Craig Westover, columnist at cross-town rival newspaper (and Coleman's former employer) the Pioneer Press.

The issue of contention is Saint Paul's Maxwell school, which is either a pit of illiteracy and an underfunded educational hell-hole, or a sterling example of resourceful educators overcoming challenges to produce a fine example of public education. Curiously, the principal of said Maxwell school has alternately supported both of these perspectives, providing material for columns by both Westover and Coleman.

Editorial policy forbids Westover from directly addressing Coleman in his newspaper column. But thankfully, that doesn't keep it from the pages of his blog.

You may read the latest nasty e-mail from Coleman to Westover over at Craig Westover's blog, as well as Westover's response. You might note when you do how embarrassing Coleman's sophomoric behavior might appear if coming from a typical columnist. But we're talking about a columnist who ranted that he "knows stuff" as justification for why his opinions are superior to bloggers. In other words, we're talking about a moron, so he's probably chortling to himself about how clever his e-mail was.

Incidentally Mitch Berg has invited Coleman, Westover, and the slippery Maxwell School Principal, Zelma Wiley, to a public radio debate over this issue on the Northern Alliance Radio Network. Interesting to see how that goes.

Hat tip to Jo's Attic for noticing this juicy exchange, and hats off to Mr. Westover for knocking the "Kent Brockman of Print Media" off his golden stool.


You might want to check out Swiftee's article about this controversy as well, which provides a little more context to the history and style of Saint Paul Schools responding to any challenges.


Blogger Craig Westover said...

Thanks for your support, Doug. I hope you keep following the story. Craig

9:19 AM  
Blogger TFB said...

The hat tip all goes to Craig. He has been great about keeping everyone in the loop so to speak.

11:48 AM  

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