Thursday, December 02, 2004

We interrupt normal blogging for this important message.....

Lots of new traffic the past couple of days due to that wonderful innovation known as the hyper-link. As a public service, I ought to offer a quick notice to any new readers who found this site via the following means:

Hugh Hewitt (and others) linked to this post: Words Cannot Begin To Capture...

The Elder from Fraters Libertas linked to this post: Hewitt's Personality Disorder Explained

And at the top of the post stack last night was this post: Happy Wine Blogging

You might start to grasp the fact that this is not a blog devoted to any one thing in particular. It's sometimes serious, sometimes not. The topic might be politics, wine, teasing a better known fellow blogger, or anything else that crosses my mind.

Please feel free to hang around and browse a bit. No need to rush back to your boring old regular blogs just yet. You read those all the time. Isn't it about time you added a new stop on your blogospheric journey?

Here are a few examples from the archives.

If you're new here, and a fan of the Northern Alliance of blogs - or perhaps the Northern Alliance Radio Network, you might be interested in my interview with Mitch Berg, proprietor of Shot In The Dark, and host of the Northern Alliance Radio Network.

If you've ever had a household pest problem, you might be interestes in this little screed against rodent-kind.

If you'd like to see me attempt to cover a dozen different topics in one long rambly post (and who doesn't?), this is a pretty good example.

And also, if you have some spare change rattling around in your pocket, you might be interested in this link, where you can exercise a little charity on behalf of a great cause (just click the picture below).

Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again.

(We now resume normal blogging)


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