Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Update on Adult Learning

Incidentally, a word for those of you interested in my geeky Christmas present (The college lecture series Rome and the Barbarians).

I've finished the first four lectures now, and I am suitably impressed. Most of this has been review material for me so far: Introduction to Roman government, society, & warfare. But since I do know a bit about this, and realize how good the lessons have been on those topics, I am enthused as the lectures start to delve into territory I don't know much about.

If the kids behave enough to give me 30 minutes of peace, tonight's lecture will be on Celtic Europe and the Mediterranean World. If I'm in the zone to go further, after that we get into Rome's conquest of Cisalpine Gaul. Fun stuff.

Incidentally, The Teaching Company, from which this lecture series originates, is running a really good sale on most of their offerings. From the looks of it, they're knocking prices on most of their stuff down 66% - 75%. I have no idea if this will be a lasting thing, so I'd encourage anyone else interested to check them out now. Compare the sale price lectures to those not on sale, and you'll see how enticing it is.

In further historical geekitude, I also got hooked when the NARN guys interviewed David Liss, and subsequently picked up "A Conspiracy of Paper" from Amazon. Really well written. Drew me in very quickly. So lately I'm spending part of my evening in Ancient Rome, and another part in eighteenth century London. Beats the days I'm spending in modern office-world.


Blogger ricardo said...

My dad swears by the Teaching Company. In fact, he wants nothing else but gift certificates for his Birthday and Christmas. That way he can get a lecture series from the combined certificates from his all us poor kids (3 of us).

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