Monday, December 20, 2004

'Twas The Monday Before Christmas

After weeks of Minnesotans wishing for a white Christmas, this morning mother nature answered those wishes with the closest precipitation can come to spitting us in the eye - freezing rain. This offers none of the seasonal beauty or nostalgia of snow, and more than doubles the inconvenience.

I had a similar experience to Steve's this morning, in which my 10 mile commute which normally takes about 15 minutes, turned into a 90 minute bumper-to-bumper exhaust-scented crawl.

This always makes for a lovely mood in the office on a Monday. Doesn't help that the office where I'm currently consulting is one of the crankiest and unfriendliest I've been to in some time. In addition to my smiles and "good mornings" offered to passers by being returned by scowls around fifty percent of the time, their version of holiday cheer is to bring in the standard holiday treats - typically Christmas themed candy and baked goods, homemade as well as store bought - and post angry bills about how they are NOT FOR EVERYONE, but only for their special holiday club. Please see the author of said angry-worded public screeds if you'd like to join the "club." Conjures up images of a body cavity search for the purloined crumbs of illicitly enjoyed holiday snacks as a background check. Think I'll pass.

Additionally, I have very little opportunity for extra vacation in this Christmas season. In fact, at work I am totally swamped. Very little opportunity to catch the Christmas spirit this year, as there are annual bonuses to be had by people other than myself depending on the fruits of my labor.



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