Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Thoughts on the Holiday Season

The boy has been very excited about the holiday season this year. And no, in this case "holiday" is not a euphemism for Christmas.

He is most excited about Christmas of course. Santa Claus, presents, decorating the tree, lights, candy - it's about as good as a holiday can possibly get when you're 4 1/2.

But he has also decided that he wants to get in on the other action as well. He has been dutifully counting off the days of Hannukah for us this year. And today insisted that he make the Jewish teacher at his Pre-K school a Hannukah card and give her a present. Fine. Good. No problem. Shows thoughtfulness and the spirit of giving and all the rest. Plus I have no beef with Hannukah.

There is however the matter of Kwanza that he will simply not drop no matter how many times we try to gently explain that we do not celebrate Kwanza in our family, and we don't know anyone else who does either.

May I offer my most sarcastic and insincere thanks to the multi-cultural moonbats who decided to elevate a separationist made-up holiday to the equvalent of the real and ancient holidays that share a roughly equivalent place on the calendar. And even more sarcastic thanks to the Minnesota educators who decided to instill this notion in the minds of Minnesota's children.

Kwanza just pisses me off. It was invented by a truly nasty man, who wanted to instill Marxism and separatism among African Americans under the guise of fake African symbolism.

The proper greeting to someone celebrating that particular holiday is not "Happy Kwanza." It's "You need help."

No matter how cutely he pleads, we will not be celebrating Kwanza this year. As a compromise, he is allowed to eat corn on the cob at that time - which supposedly has some kind of Kwanza significance. And beforehand we'll say a nice Christmas blessing. And maybe I'll put in some Nat King Cole Christmas tunes to demonstrate how the African Americans I know choose to celebrate this holiday.


Blogger Kurt (aka Noodles) said...

All of the anti-Christmas stuff has been getting a fair amount of attention lately, and rightly so.(and frankly it's been pissing me off as well) I'm surprised you haven't had a few hateful posts from the fever swamp on your post however since it's directed right at them.

10:37 PM  
Blogger Army of Mom said...

Nope, he likely won't get too many nasty comments because there are TOOOOOO many of us who 100 percent agree that it is a made up holiday and our kids don't need to be taught about it.

My oldest son went to an elementary where he was the minority as a white student and he learned about Hannakuh and Kwanza and got like 10 minutes on Christmas. Really didn't even reflect the population of the student body. Just baffles me. And, I didn't mind his favorite toy being the dreidel he got ... but, I hated him having to learn about all the colors of Kwanza and their meanings. What a crock of s... poop. I could go on and on about this. *doing a Howard Dean yell*

5:59 PM  

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