Thursday, December 30, 2004

A Study In Contrast

Stopped by Surdyk's today to pick up some New Year's Eve treats. Even though we're not going out this year, as we have not the past few, we like to have a little special celebration on our own.

My goodness, how the price of fois gras has gone up! Not that it was exactly cheap previously.

I also picked up some champagne. Despite my oenophilia, I have never really taken the time to get to know sparkling wine very well. I chose a bottle of S. Anderson 1998 Blanc de Noirs, Napa Valley, on the basis of the positive and intriguing Surdyk's wine taster's notes. I'll probably review it tomorrow evening.

And, I have to ask myself, how can I possibly live it up and enjoy the finer things in life when disasters like this are going on?!

Well, two ways actually. The first is to offer prayers and assistance to the victims of such a disaster. Incidentally, the latter is possible by just clicking this button (hat tip to Stones Cry Out for pointing us to it at Brain Shavings):

Help tsunami victims here

The second is to keep things in perspective regarding ones' own life. I do not have the ability to end suffering. I contribute nothing positive to those around me by living my life in perpetual sympathetic misery.

Life certainly cannot be about only self-indulgence. But neither can it be solely about guilt and shame that others cannot share my every joy.

But I do feel a little awkward when I read the stories, and notice such a tremendous contrast in my good fortune and the terrible fortune of so many others. So in the midst of the meager financial assistance I can offer the victims of disaster, I think I'll remember to also offer a little extra thanks to the Lord this New Year. As the poet once said, "There but for the grace of God go I."


Blogger Army of Mom said...

You have absolutely the best attitude about this. I will say some prayers for these people and thank God that my family is safe and sound. My nightly prayers include:
Thank you Lord for one more day and thank you for my beautiful family's health and wellbeing.

11:27 PM  

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