Monday, December 13, 2004

Minnesota's Rogue Elector

Captain's Quarters is reporting a very weird development in the normally uneventful and ceremonial casting of Minnesota's electoral ballots. Apparently, one of the Democratic electors - by accident or design - cast a vote for John Edwards, rather than John Kerry.

This immediately brought to mind that the mother of one of our favorite local lefty bloggers - Flash from Centrisity - was one of the electors this year. So I popped over to Centrisity to see what Flash has to say about it.

He was actually in attendance for the event. In his words:

"The news hounds on site immediately went to the Elector table and polled the votees to interview the hold out, but no one came forward. As discussion continued, it appeared that there was one person who may have thought at the time that they were casting the Vice Presidential ballot first. Either way, the vote count was certified, and the 9 - 1 count will be forwarded to Washington, DC.

The ceremony was very dignified and honorable. I was proud to be there to witness my mother be a part of history, and to have her name and signature stored in the National Archives. I will post a couple photos when I get home later"
Is it possible Flash's mom was too sensitive about her son's feelings to admit her deep contempt for John Kerry? Since it was a private ballot, did she feel free to cast her protest vote leaving Flash none the wiser?

On a more serious note (no, I don't really believe Flash's mom was the defector), Flash noted something kind of curious shortly before the election:

"...I want to share a brief E-Mail exchange I had with my Mom last night.

She received a phone call from an AP reporter, checking for voter' 'loyalty. It seemed strange to me, at first, that they would be calling a lifelong DFLer like my Mother, but then I found out why. She is a 2004 Kerry Elector, one of 10 in the state of Minnesota. The reporter was checking to see if there was any movement possible within the slate of electors currently assigned to each party."

Perhaps nothing unusual here. But wouldn't it be interesting to discover the name of that reporter and find out if this was merely a routine call in all the battleground states, or whether it was based on information he'd received about a Minnesota Democratic Elector not wanting to vote for Kerry?


Blogger Flash said...

Interesting take. The AP calls were being done across the country to get a feel for what may happen in a close Electoral College like 2000. My information does not lead me to believe, that at the time, they were tipped to a potential defector.

Fortunately for me, I was hovering over my Mom's shoulder, camera in hand, as she filled out her presidential ballot. The pic only has the word 'John', but when comapred to the ballot in the Strib this morning, it clearly isn't my mom's 'John' when compared to the photo I have.


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