Monday, December 06, 2004

Just a Quick Note

Law of the blogosphere: The posts you least expect anyone else to find interesting are the ones most likely to get linked by other blogs. I don’t know why this is true, but with only a couple of exceptions, this has been the case for me lately.

Not that I’m complaining. I’m always flattered when someone links to me - even when the link comes from someone taking a shot at me. I’ve got thick skin. And I’m still enough of a blog newbie to find any form of attention to my blog a pleasant surprise. So thanks to all the recent linkers, and welcome to the new readers.

A sidebar note on the word “newbie” for a moment if you will. It does not seem to exist in Microsoft Word’s dictionary. Yet one of their suggested substitutes, “jewie,” does not exist in any other dictionary I can find. Sounds mildly anti-Semitic (e.g. “Those Neo-Cons are a little too jewie for me.”). But in that case, shouldn’t it be capitalized? Or perhaps typed in ALL CAPS WITH EXTRA PUNCTUATION?!!!!

Incidentally, some day I fully expect word processing programs to understand the grammar, slang, and punctuation of the online forum rant. Those illiterate in the style will be able to perform instant conversions with the push of a button. “Dear sir, I wish to register a complaint about your website,” could become “HEY, ASSHAT!! I BET YOU THINK YOUR SITE IS KEWL. WELL IT’S NOT!!! IT TOTALLY SUCKS MY ASS!!!” … or something. The final algorithms are still being tweaked, I’m sure.

I’ll probably be playing around with the template of my blog a bit this week. Do not adjust your browsers. This is not the major overhaul I mentioned a short time ago. Just trying a few new things now and then to see how I like them.


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