Thursday, December 30, 2004

How Is Gay Marriage Related to the Gas Tax?

The First Ring has an interesting article tonight about a potential compromise in the Minnesota State Legislature:

“Is the DFL willing to trade constitutional amendments in order to get two partisan pieces of legislation out the door? Gay marriage and a gas tax could be on the ballot in 2005 as a sort of partisan compromise to take both issues off the table for 2006. Just as significant, both the Governor and the legislature could wash their hands of any responsibility for dealing with both “hot potato” items by simply allowing the voters to address them and having the special interests on both sides duke it out at the ballot box and not at the State Capitol.”

Some intriguing sources, as well as excellent background and analysis offered by The First Ring regarding this. Read the whole thing.

(And blogroll The First Ring, if you haven’t already. It has become a daily read of mine for good reason.)


Blogger First Ringer said...

That's very flattering, Doug, thank you for the kind words. 'Gold' is always one of the half-dozen blogs I make sure to check everytime I'm online.

Hopefully I'll meet you in person next week at Keegan's for the blogger "convention"---I tried checking out Keegan's tonight but had no idea how frickin' busy they are. I would certainly love to meet the many local bloggers I've been reading for so I guess, see 'ya soon.

Post on!

10:48 PM  
Blogger Doug said...

Lately, Keegan's on a Thursday is a madhouse. A wonderfully fun kind of madhouse, but a madhouse nonetheless.

It will likely be far moreso on Jan. 22nd.

I was absent tonight, but typically show up on Thursdays. If you're there and want to find me, look for the guy with the drink in his hand. Either that or ask Gary.

11:25 PM  

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