Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Hated Andrew Sullivan

Michael Totten has a funny post about people hating Andrew Sullivan.

Right-Wing News published its warblogger poll results.

Funny how Andrew Sullivan won "Most Annoying Right-of-Center Blogger" and also took fourth place in the "Most Annoying Left-of-Center Blogger" category. People can't agree whether he's left or right (and that's to his credit, I say), but they do seem to agree that he's annoying.

I still like the guy, myself. And his traffic is up. Hating Andrew Sullivan is like hating Starbucks. All the cool kids do it, but the exact same people always hang out there anyway.
For the record, I don't hate Andrew Sullivan. To the extent I find him annoying (and he certainly can be) it only matters in direct proportion to how much I find him respectable. Andrew runs hot and cold. But he's a valuable voice in the media, and a wonderful pioneer of the blogosphere. He's also a very likable fellow in general.

And yet I'll still call him out when he pulls his inevitable rhetorical stunts. Andrew is very skilled at the art of "spin," and shamelessly uses it in contexts where intellectual honesty is more appropriate.

And just for the record, I still think Stanley Kurtz cleaned his clock in their debate over the gay-marriage issue. Andrew has the better PR machine, but Kurtz had the mastery of the facts and truth.


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