Saturday, December 11, 2004

Guest Blogging....

Due to Gary's naive trust, I will be guest-blogging at Dayton v. Kennedy this weekend. Which is not to say I will not also be posting here. I'll post serious political stuff related either Senator Dayton or Rep. Kennedy over there (as well as shamelessly plugging my own site). The rest, including scathing critiques of my guest-blogging performance, will be here (feel free to chip in on that last item using the comments section here).

First stop, Gary tells me David Strom will be interviewing Rep. Kennedy on his radio show, The Taxpayers League Live, today (9am-11am central time on am1280 in the Twin Cities, or live webstream). I'll listen in and post about it at Dayton v. Kennedy.


David Strom is still out of town, so he has a guest host. The universe conspires in apparent favor of guest commentary this weekend.


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