Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Gorey-Krishnas and Senator Kerry

Drew from Darn Floor uncovered the latest flailing of the moonbat fringe.

From the Boston Globe:

"The election is long over. A new year is starting, and even most of the more ardent liberals are moving on. But in Louisburg Square this week, one determined group isn't quite ready to let go. About a half dozen supporters of John Kerry are holding vigil in front of his house, still hoping for a Kerry presidency."

The subsequent article could almost originate from the Onion, but I'm pretty sure these people are real.

A few favorite tidbits, with some commentary:

"The little knot of demonstrators, calling themselves the Coalition Against Election Fraud, stood shivering in the cold yesterday, hoisting signs and pressing fliers into the hands of bewildered passersby. Taxi drivers, neighbors digging cars out of the snow, and Beacon Hill residents who happened to be strolling by were subjected to earnest pleas to join the cause."
The lefty-political version of Hari-Krishnas. We finally see that political impact from Farenheit 9-11 Michael Moore hoped to instill.

"In any case, Kerry wasn't home to take notice of yesterday's demonstrators. A woman answered the door and promised to deliver a message when he returns from vacation at the end of January. Kerry has been in Ketchum, Idaho, for several weeks, and he plans to go to the Middle East for the first two weeks of January."
Man of the people. No wonder the little guys keep pulling for him.

Incidentally, now that he's not on the campaign trail, isn't there something kind of Senate-related he ought to be seeing to? Just asking.

"Parks and her coalition, many of whom worked feverishly on the Kerry campaign, are part of a larger phenomenon since the 2000 presidential election, specialists say. The ballot debacle that year in Florida has helped fuel conspiracy theories and given groups like Parks's a new cause."

Apologies to Mr. Moore. These seem to be Gorey-Krishnas, rather than Moorey-Krishnas.

"Parks, who years ago legally changed her surname to that of the famed civil rights activist Rosa Parks, plans to take her group to Washington, D.C., next week to push her cause. In the meantime, the Coalition Against Election Fraud will spend an hour each day in front of Kerry's house in Boston, lamenting the attention that's been paid to national elections in the Ukraine and waving signs that say, ''Senator Kerry: Please Fight for Ohio" and ''Alert: electile dysfunction."
But of course she did. The parallels in courage the new Ms. Parks displays are obviously representative of the old one.

And what is it about lefties and penis metaphors lately? Burnt out on the Vagina Monologues already?

Incidentally, Drew notes another interesting tidbit in his post. The group is targetting a small group of Senators in a campaign to pressure them to "challenge the electoral vote"; whatever that means. Among the list of 13 targetted? Minnesota's own Evacuatin' Mark Dayton. Our own Senator is among the elite 13 favorites of the lunatic leftist fringe! Sure makes Minnesota proud.


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