Thursday, December 09, 2004

Cubicle Blues

Putting a blogger in a tiny, efficiently designed little cubicle, with no network access and no work to do is a distinctly modern form of torture. Look for it around the fourth or fifth ring of hell in Dante’s inferno, the updated edition.

Arrgh! No network access also means I can’t do a quick Google on Dante’s Inferno, to remind me who actually populates the fourth and fifth rings. Lawyers? Bishops? Juiced-up ball players?

Which reminds me, the NARN guys are doing another fill-in for Hugh Hewitt tonight. Which further reminds me that this could mean two weeks in a row with no Fraters Libertas participation in Thursday night trivia at Keegan’s. Funny how these little “excuses” just keep coming up for them, isn’t it? Could it be possible they’re running scared of the Claremont-juiced powerhouse known as David Strom?!

I wonder who will make it tonight. I fired off a couple of e-mail inquiries. But without internet access, I won’t be able to check for responses until after work. Or maybe I’ll sneak out at lunch and locate some place with free wi-fi access. It would give me a chance to post this too. Let me just do a quick search to determine the nearest wi-fi spot. Arrrgh!!!

Might as well be reduced to hunting and gathering.

Well I did at least have the radio on the way into the office. And methinks Chumley Wonderbar is going to get another little talk from his radio station's management. While reading the news that Senator Dayton (somewhere Gary's ears just perked up) was threatening to block Senate confirmation for the new Homeland Security Director over recent federal security cuts for Saint Paul (the city, not the Frater), Chumley added a little tag onto the end that I don’t think came from his wire service. He reminded listeners that Senator Dayton was known to have a very keen interest in national security after recently fleeing Washington in fear of an attack, even though no one else did the same. That’s not the sort of thing to make radio manager types happy. But it certainly worked for this audience member. Keep it up Chumley!

Of course, now that Senator Dayton thinks he’s not safe in either Washington D. C. or Minnesota, is it possible he’ll flee to Canada (or at least Iowa), and we’ll finally be rid of his embarrassing escapades as he fumbles through his first and only Senate term?

Anyway, once again excuse the mess from my still-not-finished blog redesign. Other than the layout and colors not being quite finished yet, the only bug I've noticed is that the blog title grows to enormous proportions if you go to an individual post instead of the main page. If you notice anything else similarly screwy, please drop a note here.

I might even get a chance to play around with the design some more today, unless someone at my current assignment miraculously scrounges up some actual work for me (big companies tend to have long on-boarding procedures for new contractors and employees, but this one takes the cake).

Ok, off to find a wi-fi spot, or kill a musk-ox for dinner. Whichever comes first.


If you live in the Twin City area, remember that Dunn Bros. Coffee locations are a good bet for free wi-fi access. No word on good musk-oxen hunting spots.


Blogger Drew said...

The fourth and fifth circles are for the prodigal, the avaricious, the wrathful, and the gloomy. Try the "Dante's Inferno Hell Test."

(Dang. How do I put a link in a comment?)

2:00 PM  
Blogger Gary Matthew Miller said...

Yeah my ears perked up! Where did you hear that?

3:13 PM  

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