Friday, December 24, 2004

Crazy Bloggers and Beer

It’s getting so you can’t swing a dead cat around Keegan’s on a Thursday night without smacking a conservative blogger. And only about half of us deserve to be smacked that way, so I wouldn’t advise it.

Apparently we have all silently agreed to make Terry Keegan a rich man. He doesn’t seem to mind, stout publican that he is.

There were so many bloggers in attendance last night, I got to visit with only a fraction of them beyond a quick “hello.” Check out this list:

The Fraters
(of course): the Elder, Saint Paul, and Atomizer. They started this Thursday blogger stampede.

Our House: David, Margaret, and Margaret’s parents (who were kind enough to invite me to join them).

Jo’s Attic: Jo, Mark, Dr. Jonz, plus a whole bunch of their relatives. I missed meeting Dr. Jonz, who apparently ducked out early.

Craig Westover: Craig himself, plus his wife, daughter, and boyfriend (the daughter’s, not Craig’s)

People’s Republic of Minnesota: Noodles and Mrs. Noodles

Dayton v. Kennedy: Gary. Just Gary.

Nihilist in Golf Pants: the Nihilist

Centrisity: Flash, the Doctor, and another fellow I believe was named Michael. Flash is not a conservative blogger, but likes stalking us from time to time. I still owe him a beer, incidentally.

For all I know, there were more there as well, but the place was so packed (and loud) it was hard to tell.

And this was just a normal Thursday evening – though perhaps the holiday allowed more people to be available than otherwise. I sort of expected the opposite.

Makes me wonder just how crazy the place will be when we have the official Minnesota Blogger Gathering on January 22nd.

Anyway, nice to see you all. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to chat much with as many of you as I’d like.


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