Friday, December 03, 2004

Blogroll Highlights

Time for another episode of "Highlights From My Blogroll."

We begin with Jo's Attic. Jo is talking smack to the Fraters Libertas, who ditched Thursday night trivia at Keegan's last night.

The Fraters were not to be found at trivia last night.

There must be something to this rumor of them stealing the Spongebob Squarepants at local Burger King's. I'm sure that's what they were up to.
At least that is the only conclusion that I could make from them not attending trivia as usual.

Come to think of it, they are actually getting soft. In fact last night Keegan himself referred to them as "sissy boys." [I can attest to that! ed.]

Now that Atomizer is married, he is off doing household chores and joining healthclubs. The world is not the same my friends.
Don't know what was up with the Fraters unexcused absense. But with Jo (and her shadowy companion who is not to be named), Our House, Gary from Dayton versus Kennedy, and the indefatigable Jim Styczinski in attendance. We scored well enough in trivia to earn a free round of drinks (which is as good as possible - whenever I show up, no one I know actually wins the contest), and have a great time.

Over at Pinkmonkeybird, Scott has returned from a New Orleans vacation to throw his weight behind this....

Good man! Contribute early, contribute often. And Scott also reminds me of the Wizbang Blogger Awards currently going on. Plenty of good folks to vote for in there. There are lots of categories and lots of good nominees. But let's not forget to pay special attention to favorites and friends of Bogus Gold....

I would like to call your attention to the fact that a friend of this blog - Rick, from Stones Cry Out - is nominated for Best New Blog. I'm enthusiastically encouraging everyone to vote for him as often as allowed (once every 24 hours through the end of the contest incidentally). Also, if you don't already, read Stones Cry Out regularly.

For Best Conservative Blog, is there any doubt that Captain's Quarters deserves the nod among the nominees? Some of the others are also daily reads, but come on. The Captain is clearly the best of the bunch. (Incidentally, I have a feeling Ann Althouse and Vodkapundit would object to the label "conservative blog." Vote how you like. I'm just sayin'....)

For Best Election Coverage, in a crowded field I'm supporting Powerline. When it came to breaking big stories and exposing media bias, there may have been sites better in day to day coverage, but no one had as keen a sense of what was really important, or a better ability to drive the right stories to make an impact.

Best Essayist is a contest between James Lileks and Victor David Hanson in my opinion. I read Lileks every day, and Hanson every week. But while Hanson is a brilliant and insightful thinker, Lileks is truly a great writer. His essays are always a joy to read, regardless of what he has to say. Lileks gets my enthusiastic backing here.

Best of the Top 2500 to 3500 is surprising to me, only because I had no idea Joe Gandleman's site, The Moderate Voice, gets so little traffic. Believe me - his site is consistently top 100 quality. One of my favorite blogs anywhere. If you don't read him yet, make him a regular visit. Also, vote for him to get the Wizbang award this year.

And now, back to the tour...

Steve, from Helloooo, Chapter Two! updated his "about" page with some biographical information. I found it interesting, since I've never met the guy and I never looked at the old "about" page.

Over at Plastic Hallway, Chumley (back from Blogger induced oblivion) is going through a "25 Days of Christmas" wish list. We're up to day three so far.

Nailing two blogs with one recommendation, I have really enjoyed the back and forth between Swiftee from Pair O' Dice, and Flash from Centrisity, regarding the Saint Paul Schools budget shortfall. Smart commentary and debate no matter which side of the issue you come down on. Kudos to both! One post from Swiftee, and two from Flash. Make sure to check the comments sections too.

Gary at Dayton v. Kennedy is pushing a Wizbang award vote for the blog that inspired him, Daschle v. Thune. And he's pushing someone in Wisconsin to keep the wave going with a Thompson v. Kohl blog.

Getting a little long, is it? But there are so many good blogs lately. Just a couple more and I'll wrap it up....

Over at The First Ring, First Ringer has covered the latest on the Ukraninian election, speculates about Minnesota GOP intra-party positioning, and speculates about DFL Rep. Nora Slawik, and how the GOP's Mark Kennedy and Mary Kiffmeyer decisions might affect her political ambitions. That's just what he covered today. The First Ring is a first rate new Minnesota blog.

Heading outside Minnesota, Army of Mom is up to her usual posting-like-a-maniac pace. But on a more serious note, I wanted to call special attention to her post regarding the Groningen Protocol story in the Netherlands. An excerpt:

"I was diagnosed with terminal cancer when I was 7. The doctors were going to remove my eye in an effort to slow down the fast-moving cancer that was eating through my face. The prognosis: no treatment available and only three months to live. This type of cancer didn't respond to chemo or radiation. Biopsies were the only way to remove it, along with the surrounding tissue to try to slow it down. Nothing did." ...

"I could have easily been one of these euthanized children and think of all the world would have been deprived of - my three beautiful children and my glowing personality. I feel that I have been a blessing to many in this world and will continue to be a blessing. We're not talking about the family pet who has a degenerative disease. We're talking about living, breathing PEOPLE. I just can't fathom it."
As Instapundit might say... Indeed.

That's all for tonight. As always when I do this, I miss some of you for simple reasons of time and length. But if you're on my blogroll, know that I read you regularly and de facto recommend your blog to anyone who happens by.


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Oddly, there was a post at FL that I read just this morning and now it seems to be gone. The Elder described a David Brooks event that he and St. Paul attended. I think that may have been Thursday night.

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