Saturday, December 11, 2004

Back To My Usual Rambling


Guest blogging can be rough. Gary's site is so much more issue oriented and sober (in tone anyway) than mine. But I managed to get in a post about Senator Dayton, and another about Rep. Kennedy today. So I feel I've done my job - analogous to keeping the lights on and watering the plants - while Gary is away.

Now I can get back to my usual rambling style. Aren't those of you reading this lucky?

No real desire to review Shrek 2, which I finally saw last night. Not as good as the first, but decent entertainment. Time to end the Shrek franchise though. I was finding the old gags a bit strained by the end. And I have no idea why people made such a fuss over the Antonio Banderas voiced "Puss in Boots" character. A couple of cute bits, but hardly a big deal. Eddie Murphy's "Donkey" remained the funniest of the lot.

I've taken a break on the site redesign for a bit. The absolutely dead workload at the new client site very typically spiked to "quite a lot of work, really" all at once. So spending freetime doing tech stuff suddenly sounds less appealing. I'll get back to it shortly. Especially if Jason from rphaedrus (whom I unexpectedly bumped into at Keegan's last Thursday) finds the time for a "beer and coding" session, at the Mill City Bar & Cafe, as he suggested. Supposedly they have a full bar and wi-fi. The world would be a better place if those two things were paired more often. And Dr. Jonz, I haven't forgotten about your offer either. The more input the merrier, but no big rush.

Incidentally, Keegan's Thursdays have become something of a regular Minnesota blogger event. It's not just the Fraters anymore. Last week I got to meet Craig Westover and Nihilist in Golf Pants. I also had a fun time socializing again with Jo and her shadowy non-blogging companion (note to Jo: he needs a nickname better than "MSM"); as well as Chumley Wonderbar from Plastic Hallway, and the Fraters Saint Paul and Atomizer. If you're a blogger and find yourself with a free Thursday evening, I highly recommend stopping in just to see who else shows up.

Enough for now. Dinner won't make itself (nor will the wine open itself).


Blogger TFB said...

Actually the nickname is MSO as in My significant other.
The time has passed though that should I discuss him in future posts I will mention his true name Mark as we are out of the witness protection program now.

9:56 PM  
Blogger Army of Mom said...

ACK! You didn't think Shrek 2 was good? I laughed my ass off and I love Puss in Boots. Now, I agree that Donkey is my favorite character of them all, but Shrek 2 is one of my all-time favorite movies! Seriously. I think I could even stomach a third Shrek.

Fear me, if you dare!

Plus, I just love Antonio Banderas. That probably helps for me. As you can recall, he was on my To Do list. :)

10:17 PM  
Blogger Doug said...


Whoops! MSO not MSM. Don't want to give people the impression you're dating Dan Rather or Tom Brokaw or anything. Mark is a much better class of fellow.


It wasn't a bad movie. Just felt a little tired to me. Maybe I would have liked it more if I was in a better mood. My surprise about Puss in Boots was how small a part he had. Overall it was just an okay movie to me. Incidentally "The Incredibles" totally rocked. Have you seen that yet?

8:53 AM  

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