Tuesday, November 02, 2004

A Timely Warning Regarding Exit Polls

As soon as I heard the news that we'd start hearing exit polling data well before the polls closed today, I was worried. Too much emotion is pent up on this race to expect even those with the best intentions to handle this stuff with proper caution.

My greatest worry was how susceptible this data was to spin. But, Mystery Pollster has a whole slew of excellent reasons for taking anything you hear from exit polls with a huge grain of salt. (Hat tip to Command Post)

... sometime very soon, the traffic on certain web sites will hit astronomically high levels as the blogosphere goes in search of the latest leaked exit polls. The conventional wisdom on this is unshakable: The networks "know" who will win, but won't tell us. Lets take our own peak at results shared by those working at the networks today and get in on the secret.

Well, I hate to disappoint, but this site will not be a source of leaked "exits." However, I would like to take a moment and give you a bit of a reality check. Let me tell you a bit about what exit polls are and why you may want to take what you hear over the web with a giant grain of salt.

Read the whole thing of course.


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