Friday, November 12, 2004

Revelry - As Recalled the Morning After



*Blink* *Blink*

This is not good. Why can they not be Keegan’s Friday Night Trivia events? I crawled into bed at 1am last night. And here I am, staring at a computer screen like it’s… I dunno… a regular workday or something.

Yes, I finally made it down to Keegan’s for trivia night again last night. Not exactly a “Cheers” moment, but a few people there did indeed know my name. Only more than half of them seemed to think it was “Bogus.” Close enough. I ordered a beer.

Got to see Saint Paul, and Atomizer from Fraters Libertas; David and Margaret from Our House; Jo and the shadowy character “MSM” from Jo’s Attic; Chumley Wonderbar from Plastic Hallway; and Soil and Water enthusiast and occasional Fraters contributor Jim Styczinski.

The trivia contest was heavily weighted in a Veterans Day direction. Number of veterans in the group I mentioned above? Zero. Chumley did volunteer that he had watched a lot of Star Trek, but you’d be surprised how little of that knowledge was applicable.

But trivia was not really the main reason to be there last night. The main reason was to watch David Strom and Jo pick at each others insecurities. Seems they’ve joined forces in some kind of “league” to battle the forces of injustice. As super-hero comics have taught us, this inevitably leads to the same kind of saucy verbal repartee one finds in police “buddy” movies, and David and Jo are no exception.

Overall, it really was a great time. As I recall, once the serious issues of Soil and Water conservation were hammered out (something about Jim wearing a miner's hat as I recall), we talked about all sorts of things not remotely limited to politics.

Lesson learned however. When you’re sitting there ordering another round after the fabled spirits-enthusiast Atomizer has already called it a night, you’re probably not planning ahead.

And now, back to (YAWN) work.


Blogger TFB said...

I am feeling the effects of trivia night. I think next time I will have to lay off the Summitt or at least stop after 2. There were things I shared that probably should have been left in the "attic".
Hopefully, I will be forgiven and what happens at Keegans, stays at Keegans!

10:49 AM  
Blogger Doug said...

Don't worry Jo. The secret location of that tattoo is safe with me. Though I still can't believe you ever had such strong feelings for Mike Dukakis. (For the humor impaired - I just made that up just to rile Jo. She was obviously a Tsongas supporter in '88.)

8:07 PM  

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