Monday, November 08, 2004

The Mask Comes Off

After my weekend news break, I returned to browse opinion regarding the election outcome only to find that the leftist hysteria had escalated rather than subsided. I could spend a long time here linking to lots of examples, but I suspect most of you have already read them, and I'd rather not encourage them any more by linking at this point.

For as long as I can remember, the left has dressed itself up as the party of peace, tolerance, caring, and looking out for the little guy. This is one of the reasons their shockingly vulgar and bigoted reaction to the election result has caught me a bit off-guard. It’s going to be very difficult for the “little guys” to forget what the left really thinks about them after this especially nasty hissy-fit.

I honestly thought they’d stay with their “Bushitler and his evil-genius Karl Rove stole another election,” theme. That way they could continue to claim to stick up for those poor confused little guys who were tricked into voting for Bush only because of Rove's evil mind-control rays. Initially there were a few rhetorical stabs in this direction.

But apparently the popular vote margin of victory was large enough that this stretched even their own sense of plausibility too far. Most leftists now seem to have dropped their friendly masks and unleashed their fury solidly against the majority of Americans – especially those from red states who go to church. If you go to church, consider yourself patriotic, and don't support gay marriage (at least not imposed by the courts), a tremendous segment of the left has admitted to hating you, and has all but concluded they don't want your vote. Peace and love my *ss – if these folks hadn’t declared God dead already, they’d be calling for fire from the heavens to smite the heathen Bush voters.

One moment we’re listening to the left proclaim the will of the majority expressed in the massive turnout was going to validate them, as the true voice of America finally spoke with authority. The next moment, that mask falls and America leaps back in horror from what is revealed underneath. A real Phantom of the Opera moment in American politics.

The Face of the Democratic Party, post-election 2004

The notion of leftists having real political power turns out to be a heck of a lot scarier than I had realized. These folks passed merely “arrogant” a long time ago. Is there a suitable term for mass megalomania?

All politics tends to take on a sense of the theatric. In elections, candidates of all parties shamelessly play to voters’ perceived interests. But it seems many Democrats are starting to believe that it’s just not worth the trouble anymore. They want to let their slash-the-military, Euro-socialist, radical secularist agenda hang out for all to see – will of the people be damned!

I imagine before too much more of this goes on, the sane leftist opinion leaders will attempt to shape this into something a little more practical. Something along the lines of taking a run at Congress in 2006, rather than seceding from the union or streaming over the border into Canada.

In the meantime, I would hope a lot of swing voters take a good long look at the character on display among the leftist elite. Next time they speak the pretty words you want to hear as the next election approaches, remember what they looked like when their mask came off in 2004.


Blogger R-Five said...

To be fair, James Carville and a couple of others are willing to confront shortcomings of their party. But the rest, yes, are unwilling to admit that their vision, their candidate, and/or their strategy simply weren't good enough to beat W.

6:14 PM  
Blogger Army of Mom said...

I love the picture.

9:27 AM  

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