Saturday, November 13, 2004

Just a Quick Note

Didn’t make the NARN Veterans Salute at Keegan’s tonight. The kids were super squirrelly and wore me out. Thankfully they also wore themselves out, with both the older ones falling asleep where they sat well before their normal bedtime. But they still left me too pooped to go carousing. I’ll set my sights on the rumored upcoming MOB event.

Is that enough to count for today’s blogging? If not, sue me. I’ve noticed lots of blogs taking unusually long stretches of time off post-election. I’m joining the club. Sort of. But mostly just because I couldn’t get time to myself for any period longer than 5 minutes in a row today. And all the ideas I wanted to write about are not in the “cute pithy blurb” category. Maybe I’ll get one out tomorrow.

In the meantime check out this from Ace of Spades, in response to the freakin’ bizarre news report that some key Democratic Party strategists think the key to understanding Red America lies - not in examining issues of national security, moral values, or the economic realities of working families in the 21st century - but rather, the key lies in dining at Applebees. Like most others commenting about it, I need to clarify – this is not a joke or hyperbole. It seems to be a real strategy. From the side who claims to have all the smart guys. Anyway, Ace mocks it well, but in this case it might actually be underplaying the absurdity of it.


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