Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I Live In Purple America, And You Probably Do Too

Is this post political? Sort of. I'm tryyyyying to hold back, I promise.

Anyway, hat tip to rphaedrus for this... a more accurately shaded representation of America than the simple "Red versus Blue" stuff.

Folks, clean and neat as the "red versus blue" state and county maps are, they're misleading. Every day we live and work with people who voted for the other guy than we did. Demonizing the other guy's voters - even in fun - is demonizing your own neighbors.

Go ahead and mock the moonbats - that serves the useful function of marginalizing impending sociopaths. But try to remember there were plenty of people just as grounded as you who didn't support your candidate - they might even continue to think he's completely terrible.

And you know what? You might find some of those very same people to be pretty good guys (or gals) all the same. Ain't Democracy funny? Let's just appreciate that funny little fact rather than trying to force our "enemies" into perfect alignment with our political decisions, 'kay?


Blogger pinkmonkeybird said...

Trying to hold back politics in this political climate is like trying not to piss in the shower after happy hour. You could rupture something unless you let it go.
And I'm glad you did as it's a very nice piss....erm, I mean post.

The most fascinating aspect (to me, anyway) of the Purple Nation is that the Reds & the Blues each believe that the dominance of the other spells total doom for civilization. And since W got reelected, we'll just have to wait & see if the Blues were correct.
The Reds can only speculate.
"Three and a half more years...and then the Apocolypse."

1:45 PM  

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