Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Give Until It Hurts

Ok… so NOW the contest begins in earnest. The Sprit of America contest officially kicks off on Dec. 1st, and runs through midnight (Pacific Time) Dec. 15th.

Did you know we hadn’t actually started the Spirit of America contest yet? No? Did you already contribute your money because you didn’t know better?

Well tough. Any money you donated earlier now needs to be replaced with new official contest money. Suck it up, it’s for charity! (Incidentally, if you really did contribute earlier, those contributions still counted. Just hasslin' you.)

Anyway, my strategy is to set a weekly amount to kick in to keep the steam-roller that is the Northern Alliance team rolling. Money is the grease that will keep the treads of our mighty machine rolling on its way to crush the (um… friendly) opposition!

It’s not often the big-boys in town invite us small bloggers to participate in anything more than drinking and carousing with them, (not that I’m knocking the drinking and carousing). But this time I’m stepping up to meet the coach’s challenge.

Do you have a spare buck or two lying around? Or perhaps… my readership being largely Republican, and therefore rich and greedy according to Hollywood… perhaps a spare hundred dollar bill you were about to throw away because it’s wrinkled? Send that sucker in! Check the couch cushions. Check your pants pockets. Deprive Mr. Cratchet of his Christmas bonus money, and donate to Spirit of America!!

Just click the little logo below and do the right thing.


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