Monday, November 01, 2004

Election Eve

Wandering through the blogosphere on election eve is not conducive to low blood pressure. Wow! Are some folks (*cough* Speed Gibson *cough) ever worked into knots over this! In typical blogosphere fashion, this attitude is punctuated by the occasional breezy self-assurance in some spots. But I get the sense that it's a front in many cases. Tension is running high.

I've decided against blogging on the "If Kerry wins" versus "If Bush wins" scenarios. But I would urge people on either side of the political line to take a few deep breaths and seriously ponder how you will personally handle it should your candidate lose. We all know there will be some nutballs and loose cannons doing stupid things either way. Let's resolve not to be among them, nor to excuse those who act like idiots simply because they backed our candidate of preference.

My greatest fear on election eve is voter fraud. As was pointed out eloquently a few days ago on some blog I can't recall (I'll link it if I remember) , every successfully cast fraudulent ballot disenfranchises a legitimate one. In other words, if someone casts a fake ballot for Kerry, my valid ballot for Bush has been cancelled out. Election fraud endangers more than just my preferred outcome in this election. It endagers the election process itself. Those playing with this stuff (and some are) are playing with fire.

Anyway, I don't have a lot more to offer at this point. I stand by the prediction I made over the weekend. But here are a few other perspectives I found interesting:

The most plausible Kerry victory scenario in my opinion comes from Flash at Centricity. Here's a partial excerpt:

Electoral Vote

295 Kerry
243 Bush


Ohio AND Florida go Kerry
Hawaii Goes Bush
I noted myself that Kerry needs Ohio to win. And if he takes Florida as well, it's over. I don't agree with the call, but it is plausible especially because it aligns with the Kerry campaign's targetted effort, as opposed to other predictions that seem to have states Kerry has ignored magically fall into his lap.

On the flip side, we have Varifrank calling for a Bush blowout win. I had linked to his own call last weekend, but checkout his updates as well.

Vodkapundit has a nice little roundup of a few. His own current prediction is identical to that of Tradesports. Interestingly enough, since I didn't use either of them as a basis for my own predictions, they're also identical to mine, minus the fact that I give Minnesota and Wisconsin to Bush.

Jay Reding calls our attention to some electoral indicators getting less attention, including the all-important First Lady cookie recipe indicator! Can't believe this one didn't get more press. Must be MSM censorship again.

And in a last minute bit of persuasion, Mitch lists "100 Reasons I'm Voting For Bush, Not Kerry." Some of those are bound to get the moonbats howling (er... Screetching? Mewling? What the heck kind of sounds do moonbats make? Was that Howard Dean "Yeeearrrggh!" a sample?), so watch his comments section.


Blogger R-Five said...

I was in a dark mood when I wrote my prediction; it just shouldn't be this close. And if it's close, they CAN cheat. I'll be happy to be wrong, of course. Some recent news has been hopeful, but it seems all too often that my guy doesn't win. The TV shows I like don't get renewed, either.

Maybe I'm just sick of polls like most of us. Maybe we can at least put a few out of business like the Voter News Service in 2000 if they're way off again.

That said, let's get it done for Bush!

5:42 PM  

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