Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Catching the Spirit

Have you ever had that dream? You know the one. It’s the big game. Time is running out. Thousands of fans cheering as your favorite team drives down the field, needing just a few more points to carry them on to victory. And when the moment for the big field-goal arrives the coach turns to the stands and points to YOU and asks you to go win the game for the team. Ever have that dream?

Me neither, but I think I saw it once in a beer commercial.

Anyway, the Northern Alliance is doing something kind of like that in their Spirit of America fund-raising drive.

Here's a bit about the charity itself. And here's the scoop on what the current drive.

The Northern Alliance blogs plugging the cause alone would have been enough to generate some serious charity fundage. But they’ve gone above and beyond.

Like the coach in the fake dream I referenced above, the Elder from Team Leader blog Fraters Libertas, has pointed into the stands and called us down to join the team:

"Just because you're not officially part of the Northern Alliance doesn't mean that you can't join the SOA team. We encourage other bloggers to climb onto the bandwagon."

There's a bit of a (so far) friendly competition between various bloggers to see who can raise the most money. So here I come, rushing down to the sidelines to do my bit to help the team. As long as it doesn't involve washing Atomizer's unmentionables after the game or anything.

I encourage readers of my blog to follow the link below (or just click the picture) and consider a donation to this very worthy charity.

Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge

Northern Alliance of Blogs Donation Page


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