Sunday, October 03, 2004

Weekend Wrap-up

The wind is howling tonight. The weekend was really not bad, as far as early October goes in Minnesota. A little frost to kick things off, but Saturday was sunny and decently warm. Sunday also sunny and even warmer. But tonight the dregs of summer are getting roughly shown the door.

I believe this makes my third official pronouncement of fall. If it seems overdone to you, then you’re clearly not from around here. The seasons are big news in these parts, perhaps because of how extremely they differ here. Summer in Minnesota can be almost idyllic. Fall is an explosion of color – from the leaves on the trees to the cold nipped rosy cheeks on the children. Winter is often beautiful but literally deadly at times. Spring tends to be clustered into a tiny stretch of about 3 weeks where everything seems to leap to life with almost startling vigor.

Hugh Hewitt and John Fund’s books arrived yesterday. I’ve been too busy to get deeply into either of them. I think I’ll be reading Hugh’s first. The first couple of chapters are very immediate in style. He writes in an almost chatty way – more like listening to his radio show than the more traditional journalism of his published articles in the Weekly Standard and Worldnet Daily. I find it very engaging reading. As politically combative as the title suggests, and as personally accommodating as he personally displays toward those on the partisan left.

The Fund book I really haven’t cracked yet, though I did check the index and found he has no mention of Minnesota. I personally believe Minnesota’s voter registration system is about as egregiously open to abuse as one could imagine. This being a battleground state, I’m surprised at how little attention this state gets on that topic. Most likely some nasty scandal will have to occur before anyone finally wakes up to the problem. Perhaps this year? Seems to be that sort of nastiness building.

Anyway, I intend to offer my own meager reviews of these books when I finish them. No promises on my ability to speed read. Too many other balls in the air to be able to focus a lot of time and attention on reading at the moment. But I’ll do my best.

I missed the NARN show and I missed the Hugh Hewitt, Jason Lewis joint appearance at this weekend's Patriot forum. It really hasn’t been good political timing, but all three kids came down with head colds on Friday. That hasn’t been the most fun. The NARN show I can listen to on its web rebroadcast (I do want to hear them light up Nick Coleman). But the Hewitt, Lewis thing was probably a “had to be there” deal. Pity. Two very good political minds and engaging personalities.

Anyway, we're 30 days from the election. And it's going to go very fast. I'll likely devote most of my blogging attention to politics over that time. If that's not your bag, check back around mid-November. I'll likely be in political burnout by then, and writing about anything other than politics.


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