Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Tonight's Debate

I'm planning on live-blogging the debate again tonight. I have yet to decide if this will be from the widely-disclosed and heavily-marketed location, or from the comfort of my sofa. But I'm leaning toward the sofa.

The mad bash sounds fun. But it is a work night in the middle of the week. So far the only folks I personally know who are planning to attend are likely to be swamped due to semi-celeb status caused by a certain radio show. Which means I'm unlikely to have more conversation with them then "Hi! Nice to see you."

Not that I'm very gabby while live-blogging anyway. Mitch can somehow pull that off. Must be a radio-host thing.

But anyway, barring further information (hint, hint - if you're planning to be there give a shout) or an unexpected shift in mood, I'll probably pass on this one and plan on hitting the next local blogger event instead.

For those who do attend, have a great time, and remember to POST your live-blog. I watched the Elder from the Fraters Libertas live-blog the last debate two feet in front of me.... or at least I thought I did, because he didn't post a thing about it that night or afterward. And after hearing much discussion about the proper etiquette for live-blogging, I'm making the following ruling, with all the authority invested in me by having an opinion on the matter:

It is perfectly acceptable to blog while watching, but wait to post the whole thing afterward instead of posting as you go.

I'll try the post-as-I-go method again. But if Blogger has one of its semi-regular hiccups, I'll fall back to the other method myself.

Incidentally Tivo-ing the thing to watch and blog about later, no matter how pithy your comments might be, is NOT live-blogging.


Blogger TFB said...

Hey Doug,
I'll be there strictly to watch (no live blogging).
In addition ,I figured it would be "showing support" to the Patriot to show up.
Don't feel bad if you miss it. The next MOB gathering is Saturday 23rd...I think.

11:19 AM  
Blogger TFB said...

You are right. E-Blog is burping again. I just tried to publish a comment to you 3x. Ugh.
I plan on going to watch (no blogging). I hope more than 5 people will be there, but I figured I am going more to "show support" to the Patriot.
Don't feel bad if you miss it. The next MOB gathering is the 23rd..I think?

11:24 AM  

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