Tuesday, October 05, 2004

*Sniff* The VP Debate Tonight *Cough*

Living with three young kids is like living with human flu-bug-zappers, only without the zap. Unless our immune systems are the zapping agent. If so, we’re awfully damn slow.

I’m on my second nasty head cold in as many weeks. One kid catches it, and we all pass it around. If only this made the kids want to sleep. Heaven forbid. They’re up just as early, stay up as late, but whine a lot more in between.

The problem is they’re still so cute most of the time you forget that they’re walking around in a cloud of germs as thick as Pig-Pen’s cloud of dirt. So you scoop them up, give them a kiss and 24 hours later… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaapuh-puh-puh-cough---cough!!

Vice-Presidential debate tonight. This is a total political-wonk moment and won’t budge the polls even should Cheney makes Edwards cry, or Edwards pulls off Cheney’s mask to reveal he’s actually Darth Vader. But it’s somewhat important because… well one of these guys could actually be our president in a very short time, a la John Tyler.

It will also reveal something of the post-debate strategies of both campaigns. Running mates practically ride the campaign trail in trial balloons at times (and if you think that’s a mixed metaphor, you should see what I wrote before I replaced it with that).

Cheney preformed superbly against Lieberman in 2000, and I expect more of the same from him tonight. He projects professionalism, competence, seriousness, and mastery of the facts. If he looked like John Edwards, he’d be president today.

Edwards, unlike a lot of conservative commentators seem to imply, does not come across like an inexperienced kid. He comes across as optimistic – above the fray – now and then a bit saccharine. I just wonder how he’ll do in the context of stumping for Kerry rather than for himself, because we really haven’t seen much of that. They definitely have not been emphasizing Edwards on the campaign trail, with much speculation as to the reason; from Edwards looking too much better than Kerry, to simple Kerry campaign incompetence (I incline toward the latter opinion).

So tonight the blogosphere will grab a bag of popcorn and watch the show. Prediction: Both sides will claim victory again, this time with a little more support for both sides in the MSM. Most commentators will be amazed at how high-minded the debate went, with no “You’re no Jack Kennedy” moment. The polls won’t budge. And within 24 hours no one is talking much about it, instead focusing on the upcoming presidential debate this Friday.


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oooh ... popcorn sounds like a good idea ... maybe I'll switch channels from Cheney to the Twins and that will make it more palatable.

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